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Big Magic

Finished Big Magic last night. If I'm being honest, I was a little underwhelmed. I came to the book through the author's Ted Talks and interviews and the power of her ideas had already entered my mind before I even started the book.

In talks and interviews, her ideas feel electric and alive.

For some reason, I just didnt' quite connect to the same ideas in the book.

Maybe it is how I'm wired. Spoken word speaks to me in a way nothing else does. Lectures, comedy clubs. Speeches. Audiobooks.

But maybe it's something else. Maybe this is what it's like to be great at one thing and feel called to do another.

In some ways, the book reminds me of Bob Dylan's Chronicles, Vol. 1. Dylan's success - the mountain of great work that he has created - haunts him like a felon in the family, something not discussed in polite company. The book is about creating the other stuff - the Bob Dylan albums that show up in used bins with song titles only hardcore Dylan fans can name from memory.

If there's one thing I take from all of this, it's: work hard on the bad stuff and maybe the good stuff will show up. Focus on the thing you love and when the thing you're good at shows up, don't fight it.


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