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Day One

It's a little after 6AM here and I've been up with our two youngest for about an hour. We have a morning routine of waking up before dawn, getting them set, then I listen to a few things before I journal for a bit. This is a routine I've stuck to for most of the year and if I don't do it, something is missing.

I have a number of projects in the air at any given time, and I know deep down that I won't let any of them see the light of day. The journals pile up, I move the audio files from hard drive to hard drive, I keep digging through YouTube, books, and articles as if some new skill is going to give me the courage to share what's in my head with anyone else. I keep looking for "that one thing" that I can share with others. The truth is, I go in many directions at once and the one unifying theme is that they all move forward, all the time.

So let's dig into it. Here's what I'm working on right now, all of it, not limited to music or work or life. Just me, now.


  • Songwriting - I am on a journey to get to 100 songs. I have 65 in a "stable" form, most in primitive demo form. I want to know what is on the other side of the 100. In the last 12 months, I've written the following songs, with the numbers next to them.

58 Adams Arcade

59 Just Want to See You Again

60 Place to Hide

61 Seek out Love / Rearrange

62 Wooden Chair

63 Childhood Apartment

64 Empty Room (Getting Soft)

65 Become Hard to Find/Birds in Flight

  • Sync Music Project - In the last few months, I've started looking into the world of sync music (creating music for tv/commercials/movies). I've been meeting with a coach who turned me on to this as an option. This led me to set up a BMI account, try to figure out how to set up music publishing, and down a few rabbit holes of learning to master your own tracks. As part of this, I've been learning two pieces of software - Ableton Live and Logic - and started down the path of becoming a functional piano player. Sync creates a framework for moving music from a hobby into something less precious, like a commodity, where it can reach other people in a new way.

New Skills and Areas to Explore

  • Amilami Crochet - My wife Carissa makes incredible crochet projects and I want to help her share them with the world. Yesterday, I set up a Shopify site and watched YouTube videos on product photography. I spent a number of years editing product photography for a jewelry store and it

  • Starting a Business - I have been interested in starting a business as long as I can remember but always seem to get stuck in one place or another. I'm fascinated by this stuff and always wonder what it would be like to actually work for yourself.

  • Writing - I am a compulsive, daily writer, lacking form or direction or the courage to share my thoughts with others.

Living a full life

  • Career - I'm not sure how much I can share about my work but I maintain an active presence on LinkedIn. More to come.

  • Family - I have an amazing life with my wife, Carissa, our four kids 10 and under, and our dog. This is my life, my heart, my center.

  • Health and Sobriety - I am about a year and a half into a sobriety journey from alcohol that has been profoundly transformative. It's become a cornerstone habit. This is something I've actively worked to cultivate over the last few months, getting involved in 1:1 coaching and a virtual support group. This a topic that makes other people profoundly uncomfortable.

  • Financial - This is an area I always want to share with other people but for obvious reasons find myself holding back. Ten years ago, at 28, my financial life was a source of shame. I carried 2-3x my annual salary in $50K+ balances on credit cards and other debt. In my 20s I was nearly always at the edge of that credit card max amount, paying down just enough to let me fill them back up again. It was a terrible cycle and it weighed heavily on my spirit. Now, I'm still working towards some goals that I set back then but the journey to pay off that debt and build a life of stability for my family is something I genuinely long to share with others. Sometimes I wonder how many other people with exterior lives of financial stability are carrying the burden of shame from their past decisions and fear towards the future.

I submit this from a place of humility, only looking to hold myself accountable for moving my thoughts and experiences from the comfort of journals that will sit on a shelf forever and into the heart and mind of perhaps one other stranger who might stumble on it. Nothing more, nothing less.

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