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EP Project - White Swan / Black Light

Yesterday's post put me in a frame of mind to get to work on finishing some work. I set a two week deadline. I think it will be a small 12-15 minutes with 4 or 5 tracks.

Right now the songs are:

White Swan / Black Light

Place to Hide

Don't Take it Out on Me


Also thinking about Don't Build Your Fire with Poison Oak but I'm not sure if it fits.

Rough plan:

White Swan

- Consolidate the recordings in Ableton and think of something for a bridge. I hear it going to some new chords but I'm not sure what.

Place to Hide

- I currently only have an iPhone demo so this is a full rerecording. I've been struggling to get a good acoustic recording in my office so I might do this on an electric direct in.

Take it out

- Pull the original files (this was in Cubase so this required yet ANOTHER DAW) and export the stems for a wider mix to fit with other songs.


- I recorded atmospherics and some new parts this week for this song against the existing takes. Might dial back some of the other parts.

For mastering I'm going to use an online service. It's not going to be perfect but done is more important. I went down the path of learning to master but rather than wait to for my skills to catch up I'd rather just use what I have available.

Cover art - I have an artist in mind and will reach out to see what we can do. I'm nervous about this because of potential cost but I can at least ask.

Distribution - using distrokid

Lyric Videos - This is going to have to be after I finish the songs but I have some ideas to get the songs out there.

I think that's about it. Two weeks. Let's see what happens.


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