• Matt Morrell

Friends Over 30

I have no idea how people make friends and sustain relationships over 30. Everything for the last ten years (I'm 38) has been about building a life for my wife and kids. It's not a bad thing but one day you look up and there's no more random connections, no more inside jokes, no more little dramas and tension that were just a part of the fabric of life a few years ago.

I know this is normal. I understand this is common.

But it makes me wonder what I could do to start rekindling old relationships and start news ones.

Community events? Volunteering? Part-time jobs?

Should I throw a party?

We are still in the middle of a pandemic and it just complicates everything. I don't want to sit on a Zoom call with other people if I don't have a specific reason. It's just... exhausting.

I'm worried about my kids too. My oldest is in fifth grade, a time that I remember for the social negotiations, shared hobbies, and whispers about crushes.

That doesn't really exist in the current world. I feel like we're raising kids in outer space, keeping them safe from the dangers of the natural world but floating alone in our own distinct orbits.

Even still, take away the pandemic and my impulse is to work. Alone.

Maybe it's time to redirect some of that energy towards building community again. Together.


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